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Genie announces that its full line of mobile elevating work platforms will be in compliance with the European harmonized standard EN280:2013 well in advance of the deadline. The timeline in the CE market is the end of January 2015. Customers will begin to see the changes to Genie® products manufactured after October 1, 2014.


The new EN280:2013 standard was published in July 2013 and comes with a transition period of 18 months during which manufacturers are expected to bring their products into compliance. The new standard requires all self-propelled work platforms to disable the drive function when in an elevated work position and chassis inclination that exceeds the operating specifications. Genie® scissors and the self-propelled Runabout™ family products currently follow this operational logic; however, this will become standard functionality for Genie® boom products as well.


“Customers will ultimately need training regarding the new operational characteristics of the equipment,” said Brad Allen, Vice President, Marketing, Product Management and Engineering, Terex Aerial Work Platforms. “We are communicating this information early so our customers can be prepared. The changes to the booms will be simple and easy to understand and use.”


The updated functionality on Genie boom products will alert the operator with an audible alarm whenever they have exceeded the chassis inclination limits. If the work platform is elevated when this happens, the audible alarm will be accompanied by a visual indicator at the work platform control position indicating that the drive functions in one or both directions have been disabled. The operator will then need to assess the slope the equipment is on and follow the step-by-step instructions provided both on the machine and in the operator’s manual to lower the work platform before moving the equipment to a firm, level surface.

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