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A fast and easy cost-saving alternative to other lifting and access solutions


Förslöv, Sweden (24th November, 2014) Until lifting and access rental company Kranpunkten AB received delivery of the first Genie® SX-180 self-propelled telescopic super boom lift in Sweden in July this year, its customer V Städ would normally have used a truck-mounted platform to clean the windows of the Lindholmen building in Citadellen. This time however, V Städ tried the SX-180 lift as an alternative, and for them there is no question of looking back.


The key challenge for V Städ on this particular task demanded a machine combining a long horizontal outreach of approximately 24 m (79 ft) above a line of trees, with the ability to reach the top floor windows at a height of 25 m (82 ft). During the three-day process, it was also crucial to leave the road in front of the building open to traffic.


Significant cost-savings

As Gunnar Ramstedt, Inside Sales Manager for Kranpunkten Gothenburg - one of the company’s six local branches explains, “To handle this job using a truck-mounted platform we normally charge about €250.00 an hour including a driver. It takes three days to window-clean the whole building. With the SX-180 there is no need for a driver which is a significant saving that speaks for itself.”

Impressive horizontal outreach and narrow profile

Transported on-site on a standard trailer and set-up rapidly on the nearside lane of the road, the benefits of the unit’s narrow profile, low tail swing - even with full counterweight, and ability to work at tight radius provided the space required for traffic to circulate. Providing an impressive maximum horizontal outreach of 24.4 m (80 ft) and fast telescoping speeds, the SX-180 boom lift cleared the trees rapidly to reach the top windows of the building with ease. The ability to drive the machine at height without retracting the boom to position the platform precisely where needed was also a benefit that helped save time.


Easy one-man operation

In addition to its unique abilities and the benefits of reducing costs for its end-user, there were other advantages that also made the SX-180 boom lift particularly well-suited for the job.“Our customer’s operator was already fully certified, so even if this was his first experience, he was in full control of the SX-180 rapidly and completed the task entirely on his own confidently and efficiently ” says Gunnar.


A more efficient solution by far

As Thomas Hallberg, member of the V Städ team noted, “For us, the SX-180 was certainly our best alternative for this job. In addition to reducing costs, our operator was also impressed by its smooth precision and found it surprisingly stable and fast to operate for a unit in this category. The windows will need cleaning next spring, so we’ll definitely be using the SX-180 again.”

About the Genie SX-180 self-propelled telescopic super boom lift

Designed to meet the needs of today’s increasingly challenging industrial, construction and maintenance sectors, the Genie SX-180 provides a maximum working height of 56.85 m (186 ft) – the equivalent of nearly 20 floors, and a maximum horizontal reach of 24.4 m (80 ft) capable of spanning the length of a tennis court. Delivering 3.2 million cu ft (90.6 thousand cu m) of platform working area – capable of covering the equivalent of London’s Royal Albert Hall auditorium, the SX-180 provides the flexibility required to handle a wide range of extreme tasks currently inaccessible by other lifting and access equipment.


About Kranpunkten AB.

Headquartered in Förslöv and serving customers with a fleet of 2,600 lift and access machines from six local branches across Sweden, the highly experienced and technically skilled Kranpunkten team specialises in machine lift rental and operator training for the construction and other industry sectors. More information can be found at



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