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At the heart of our network is our state-of-the-art distribution centre that ship 95% of parts throughout Europe within 24-hours of your order
to help you keep your equipment running.
- 24-Hour online ordering
- Serial number Smart Parts Look-up System to find precise parts fast
- Onsite parts pick-up from the Netherlands.

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Contact our parts department:
Tel: +31 165 519313                

Fax: +31 165 511148


Rosaria Anello
Dominique Luijckx
John Brouwers
T:  31 (0)165 519314
     31 (0)165 519332
     31 (0)165 519452

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

John Brouwers
Dominique Luijckx
T: 0800180-9017 ext. 1 

Eastern Europe

Dominique Luijckx
John Brouwers
T: 31 (0)165519452
    31 (0)165519332


Rosaria Anello
T:800-148258 ext. 1


Robert Zaandam
Jocelyne van Rijsbergen
Elodie Veerman
T: 0805-110730

Middle East

Max van der Hoek
Amy van Terheijden
T: 31 (0)165 519362 

Scandinavia and Baltic States

Maaike Visser
T: 0200-330010   for Sweden
All other countries + 31 165 519413

East and South Africa

Max van der Hoek
Amy van Terheijden
T: 31 (0)165 519380
    31 (0)165 519388

North/Central Africa

Robert Zaandam
T: 31 (0)165 519311 

Russia and other CIS countries

Dominique Luijckx
T: 31 (0)165 519332

Spain, Portugal

Dominique Luijckx
Barbara Hernandez Sastre
T: +34 900 808 110 ext. 1 

Uk and Ireland

Rudy van Bruggen
Amy van Terheijden
Maaike Visser
Max van der Hoek
T: 0800-9883739