ZX™-135/70 Boom Lift Services Cranes in Europe’s Largest Logistics and Port Site


GRANTHAM, UK, August 7st 2014

Just 25 miles from London, London Gateway is situated in the core of the United Kingdom’s consumer market and is operated by DP World, an international marine terminal operator. Currently, London Gateway is combining a deep-sea container port with Europe’s largest logistics park, using world-leading technology to increase productivity and reduce costs. One of the first Genie® ZX™-135/70 articulating boom lifts is playing a key role at this unique site and will be used on the 24 giant gantry cranes that will service ships at the London Gateway.


The gantry cranes are designed to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will be able to handle 3.5 million TEU (standard unit for describing a ship’s cargo capacity) a year. Understandably, the uptime of the gantry cranes is fundamental and the Genie ZX-135/70 boom lift is uniquely qualified for the task of maintaining these giant machines. “The high capacity platforms, safety, efficiency and reliability of the product maintains the productivity of the cranes,” said Neil Bellinger, London Gateway Workshop & Mobile Equipment Manager. “The Fast Mast™ system is an important feature, only taking 93 seconds to raise the ZX-135/70 boom to its full height (41.15 m/ 141 ft.). It’s a key piece of this machines ability, assisting the cranes to operate at their full potential.”


“Space was not an issue on the vast site with 2,700 meters of quay and 9 million square foot of logistics park. But the adaptability on a high capacity and busy location, was another appealing feature of the ZX-135/70 unit, enabling it to meet multiple and specific heavy jobsite requirements,” said Neil Bellinger. “Deployment of the XChassis™ system can be completed in one minute, this means we can get into position really quickly keeping our equipment up and running efficiently.” The patented XChassis™ system, which is found on the Genie ZX-135/70 boom lift, is innovative on many levels, especially for efficiency. The new ZX-135/70 boom lift chassis has a wide footprint, reducing floor pressure by 30 percent due to the base assembly, which is equipped with solid box-section axles that pivot smoothly out on vertical mounting pins from 2.49 m (8.6 ft) to up to a width of 5.03 m (16 ft).


The ZX-135/70 boom lift navigates the port in good time, with a stowed drive speed of 3 mph / 4.8 km/h and maneuvers with ease amongst the port with its four steering modes: front, rear, crab and coordinated abilities. The boom lift also gets to the high access points as required, in an efficient time frame. The new self-erecting jib design of the Jib-Extend™ system offers the versatile flexibility you need when height (43 m), long reach (21.3 m) and flexible up-and-over clearance count the most. Providing the ability to extend rapidly from 3.7 m (12 ft) to 6.1 m (20 ft) when fully deployed, the ZX-135/70 boom lift’s Jib-Extend system offers market-leading “up-and-over” capabilities and provides up and over clearance up to 23 m (75 ft), the equivalent of up to approximately eight floors.


With a vertical rotation of 110° and a horizontal platform rotation of up to 160°, the Genie ZX-135/70 boom lift can maneuver amongst the gantry cranes with ease. With capacity of up to two persons (272 kg/600 lbs), the boom lift can be operated quickly and efficiently, as well as providing smooth and precise movements thanks to its proportional controls.


DP World purchased the newly re-designed high reach ZX-135/70 articulated boom lift from Working at Height Limited based in Surrey, in the UK. Ottie Whittle, Director of Working at Height Limited, recommended the Genie ZX-135/70 unit to meet the requirements of DP World after reviewing, what was at the time, the largest construction site in Europe. “I enjoy helping customers solve their access needs with Genie lifts,” said Ottie. “There’s always an ideal solution. Soon we will be able to recommend the new Genie SX-180 boom lift for customers who need to go even higher!”


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